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The Corporate Toolkit Part 1- How to lead change in a complex world – Analysis

The Corporate Toolkit Part 1- How to lead change in a complex world – Analysis
June 29, 2016 Chris Cherrington

Do Your Analysis.

In this series of articles I aim to give you tried and tested tips on how to transform your organisation.

Step 1 If you want to continue to grow your business take time out to think and Do Your Analysis!

Whether you are an established business or a new business you will need to innovate and evolve to continue to grow, especially in an increasingly complex economic environment.

If you are a new business you will go through significant changes as you develop. You will move from being borderless and entrepreneurial – focused on rapid growth and market share, to more of a stable, corporate organisation. You will become more focused on sustained growth but will need to be agile enough to operate successfully in an unpredictable environment.

“let’s not throw out the baby with the bath water”

Significant organisational transformation does not mean changing everything. There will be a lot about what you do and how you do it that should stay. Your core purpose and guiding values may still be valid but what you do in the future and how you do it may need to adapt and evolve to support future growth. That might include a change in structure, systems and approach, all of which can lead to significant organisational change.

What are the steps involved in the transformation of an organisation?

Step 1 requires you to pause and think. This may sound obvious but but when you are busy growing a business there often isn’t time to think. Thinking allows you to do some analysis of the current situation and the future possibility. It enables you to gather information that will inform what you do in the future. All of the information that you gather will enable you to answer a few simple questions:

  • Why do we do what we do and what is our purpose?
  • Where do we want to get to and what is our vision?
  • Where are we now? (Current Situation)
  • How will we get there? (Strategy)

The answers to those questions cannot be found without the analysis. So whether you are a start up that has grown and is looking to transform to the next stage or an established organisation that needs to evolve and innovate, step 1 is to take time out to think and DO YOUR ANALYSIS!

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