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Strategy Planning

A clear vision of the future, a simple and agile strategy and the ability to focus limited resources in the right place, at the right time, means you will become more proactive than reactive to market conditions and will spot future opportunities before your competitors.

Being flexible and able to adjust how you deliver your vision is the key to success. This is especially true when you have limited resources.

At Kintail Consulting we support you through the whole strategy planning and execution process. We give you the structure and process to future proof your organisation so you’re always one step ahead.

Kintail Strategy Planning Process

Situational Analysis

We support you in analysing the market in which you operate. Using a number of analysis tools and other fact finding methods we look at the factors effecting the market now, in the future and highlight where the opportunities are.

This exercise gives us insight into the future opportunities available and compares this to the current position and operations of your business. From here, we use a gap analysis to tell us how robust your current vision and strategy are.

Vision Setting

Situational Analysis informs the future possibility and justification to change. It works as a catalyst to set a Vision for the future.

Strategy Planning

Once you have a clear Vision, we support you in the development of a plan to achieve it.

This is a simple planning process that works directly from the vision and identifies what you need to achieve in a logical sequence. We make sure to take into account the resources you have available. The process will clarify the different resources you’re going to need at each stage.

This flexible approach ensures you are focusing on the essential elements of your plan at the right time.

Strategy Execution

We work with you from start to finish to ensure you execute your strategy successfully. We look at organisational structures, processes and the overall design of your organisation to tailor the best solution for you.

It is at this stage that we introduce our Goal Deployment Matrix (GDM). This is a planning tool designed to enable you to manage the delivery of your plan in a simple and clear way.

We help you to constantly monitor the progress of your strategy. Having a flexible approach to its implementation allows you to make adjustments throughout, keep control of the different stages and ensure its a success.


Why We Do It

To help you and your organisation achieve your ambitions and become more successful.

Our aim is to help you become the market leader in your field.



How We Do It

At Kintail Consulting we believe that organisational success is achieved through a clear vision, sound planning, innovation, great leadership, highly talented people and a peak performing, sustainable culture that encourages and creates outstanding performance.


What We Do

We are a Strategy Development and Organisational Transformation consultancy that offers a holistic solution to your organisational and people development needs.

We offer consultancy services in strategy development, organisational transformation and training/coaching services in the areas of leadership development, communications and business development.

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