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All of our communications workshops are very practical and are filmed for feedback purposes.

Impact and Influence

This workshop focuses on developing participants ability to speak with impact and influence especially when under pressure. The aim of the workshop is to develop an authentic and relaxed style that engages and influences the audience.

Presentation Skills

We train and coach people, at all levels, on this core skill, from very senior leaders to graduate trainees. The aim is to give participants the tools to create and deliver an outstanding presentation. We also focus on the ‘inner game’, building confidence and self belief for those who feel they need it using NLP Anchoring techniques.


Why We Do It

To help you and your organisation achieve your ambitions and become more successful.

Our aim is to help you become the market leader in your field.



How We Do It

At Kintail Consulting we believe that organisational success is achieved through a clear vision, sound planning, innovation, great leadership, highly talented people and a peak performing, sustainable culture that encourages and creates outstanding performance.


What We Do

We are a Strategy Development and Organisational Transformation consultancy that offers a holistic solution to your organisational and people development needs.

We offer consultancy services in strategy development, organisational transformation and training/coaching services in the areas of leadership development, communications and business development.

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