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Leadership and Management Development

Leadership and Management Development
July 16, 2020 Chris Cherrington
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Course Introduction

This is a really intuitive and interactive course that develops your management and leadership capability. It develops your knowledge, gives you a ‘tool-kit’ of skills and because it is designed to be so self reflective, will change your mindset.

The course has 8 lessons that focus on Leading Self, Leading Individuals, Leading Teams and Leading Change. All of the lessons are linked together. Some are more focused on managerial processes but the ultimate goal is to help you become a great leader as well.

Each lesson consists of several topics. Each topic has a short video, supporting slides and activities. Each lesson also has a supporting workbook that you can work through. At the end of the workbook there is a blank action planning template. Please capture your learning as actions that you can set for yourself as objectives.

Finally at the end of each lesson is a short quiz. This is there to test and reinforce your learning.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy the course!




Course Aim

  • To give you the skills, knowledge and mindset to develop  as an effective manager and inspiring leader
  • To help create a common language and approach to managing and leading within your organisation

Course Content

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